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Friday 13 October 2017

Titteridge and Titeridge - extinct surnames?

Titteridge / Titeridge

Titteridge is one of the rarest versions of our family surname. I believe it is now extinct – but if you know otherwise please let me know. This version is sometimes spelt Titeridge and sometimes Titteridge. A search of these surnames on genealogy websites gives you quite a lot of records but most of the records are erroneous forms of the surname Titheridge. Some of these errors come from transcribing the records while other errors are erroneously written in the original documents. There are three main sources of the Titteridge / Titeridge surname.

Titteridge / Titheridge in Kingsclere and Basingstoke

The earliest records are between 1688 and 1755 when there are records of Titheridges in Kingsclere and Basingstoke, Hampshire.  These surnames are sometimes written as Titheridge and sometimes Titteridge.  No records have been found in the area after 1755.  I have no idea if or how these individuals are related to the main family of Titheridges from Cheriton.

Early Titteridges in London

In the early eighteenth century the surname Titteridge appears in the Westminster area of London.  The name occurs in the Westminster Births, Marriages and Deaths records between 1693 and 1766 and the Westminster Rent books for the period 1717 – 1765. No records for these families have been found after 1766. Records for these times are limited and when found can be difficult to read and often uninformative.  I have been unable to establish where these Titeridges / Titteridges have come from.
Are they native to London and not related to our family tree?
Are they related to the main Titheridge family from Cheriton?
Have they migrated from Kingsclere and Basingstoke area?
I do not know the answer to the questions posed so if you have the records that will give the answers please get in touch. Tracing family history often leads to a series of questions rather than answers.

Titeridges of Salisbury

There is one Titeridge / Titteridge family group that I can trace with certainty and these originate in Salisbury, Wiltshire.  Both spellings are used within the family but the one with a single ‘t’ is the most common. I do not know if this family group is related to the Titheridges of Cheriton.

The first reference to the name is in 1770 when Thomas and Mary Titteridge are in Salisbury. They have five children

  • Elizabeth baptised 14 June 1770 in Salisbury St Thomas buried February 1773
  • Charlotte baptised 8 June 1771 in Salisbury St Edmund
  • Sophia baptised 4 November 1772 Salisbury St Edmund buried 15 May 1775
  • Lucy baptised 4 February 1775 in Salisbury St Thomas
  • Thomas baptised 20 March 1777 in Salisbury St Thomas

On 19 January 1780 the wife of Thomas is buried at Salisbury St Edmund. Six weeks later on 2 March Thomas married again to a widow Mary Langtry. There are no known children to the second marriage. In October 1794 Thomas took a third wife Fanny Boniface in Sherborne, Dorset. Thomas’s daughter Lucy had married Edward Amos three years earlier in Sherborne. Thomas senior stayed in the Salisbury area as evidenced from hospital admissions in March and June 1799 and again in April 1808. Thomas died sometime before 1813 and his widow Fanny (Frances) was buried in Shaftesbury Holy Trinity on 29 January 1813.

The Titeridges of Andover 

Thomas’s son, also called Thomas, was a hatter and he moved from Sherborne to Andover.  He married Mary New in Andover parish church on 30 October 1800. Thomas and Mary had ten children all baptised in Andover between 1802 and 1820.  The children were

  • Ann baptised 19 April 1802.  Ann married a man called Chandler who died young leaving her a widow to bring up her children. Before she was married she had a daughter Eliza Titeridge born 31 July 1820 in Andover.
  • Henry baptised 8 February 1804 buried in 1805
  • Mary baptised 5 October 1807 died 1884 in Andover unmarried
  • Sarah baptised 29 April 1808 died 1877 in Epsom Surrey unmarried
  • Elizabeth baptised 30 March 1810 buried 12 April 1810
  • William baptised 20 March 1811 died in 1879 in Epsom (see below)
  • Eliza baptised 7 September 1814 buried 15 July 1819
  • Edward  baptised 29 May 1816 a twin buried 1 February 1817
  • Thomas baptised 29 May 1816 a twin buried 9 November 1816
  • James baptised 24 November 1820 died December 1857

Mary died in Andover in 1850 aged 76 and Thomas died in Andover in 1853 aged 76.

William Titeridge and family

William Titeridge was the only child to carry on the surname.  He married Jane Gilbert in Andover on 8 September 1836. Later they moved to Stepney / Tower Hamlets area of London. William and Jane had four children

  • William Henry born 1 August 1837 Andover and Christened on 30 August.  When William was 25 he emigrated to the USA arriving on 5 July 1862. He was known to be living in Brooklyn in 1867 and 1872.  He died aged 35 on 5 April 1873 in Kings, New York
  • Eliza baptised 6 May 1839 Andover died in Andover in 1915 and remained unmarried
  • Henry baptised 1841 in Andover died in Cornwall in June 1918 (see below)
  • Jane baptised 25 July 1845 in Stepney London and buried in Stepney on 27 December 1846

William’s wife, Jane, died in Stepney in March 1850 and William married a second time to Elizabeth Lambert on 19 June 1852  at Holy Trinity church Mile End and they had three children

  • Frances Alfred  born September 1853 in Stepney and died March 1855 in Stepney
  • Marian Frances baptised 15 February 1855 in Stepney St Dunstan married to Arthur Curtis on 17 November 1877 at St Paul Bow Common.
  • Alice Maud  born September 1857 in Stepney unmarried and buried 22 April 1937 in Bethnal Green

Elizabeth died in Stepney in 1877 and two years later William died in Epsom, Surrey.

Henry and Maria Titeridge – the last of the line

William and Jane’s son, Henry, was a bachelor for many years before marrying at the age of 60 to a widow. Henry grew up in Andover and later moved to London. On the 1871 census he is a bachelor working as a shorthand writer in a solicitor’s office and living in Mary-le-Bow with a visitor Maria Hitchcock of Andover who is married. Thirty years later at the age of 60 Henry, an insurance clerk, marries a widow Maria Hitchcock (nee Hickman) in June 1901 in Devon.  If you have an interest in Maria I recommend visiting the Hampshire Record Office where there are letters written by Maria to Mr Bennett remembering life in Andover in days gone by.  I partially read them over 20 years ago and one day I will go back and find out more. Henry died in Jun 1918 in St Columb, Cornwall aged 77. His will shows he left his money £1953 12s 11d to Maria. Maria died in Andover in Jun 1930 aged 91.

End of the line

Despite the birth of 23 descendents of Thomas Titeridge the end of the line for the surname came in the June 1937 when Thomas's great granddaughter, Alice Maud, died in Bethnal Green aged 79, she was the last of the Titteridges.

Titeridge Family Tree
Family Tree of Thomas Titeridge 1750 to 1937


John Tidridge said...

Ann, you have done it again... excellent [and I imagine] time consuming research. Neil Alexander Titheridge of NZ did research on the worst T name....Titridge.. and came up with nothing.

I had a sergeant in the Edmonton Police serivce who called me that...finally, I refused to answer to that name...the ensuing conversation was interesting but I made my point!
Cheers, John T

Ann Titheradge said...

The information about Thomas Titteridge "the hatter from Sherborne" has been known since about 1989. It's just taken a long time to build up the whole family tree. I've kept adding bits as I found snippets of information - and I think it is now complete! But with genealogy you can never be sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, that is not the end of the line…..Alice Maud Nutman had a son with William John Edward Nutman in 1899, he was named Ernest Teatheredge. I am yet to find out why Ernest took his mothers maiden name and not his fathers surname. Ernest married Hilda Violet Broome and they had a son, also called Ernest Teatheredge, he had three sons with Norma Marshall, John and Peter (twins) and William, and I am Abigail Teatheredge, daughter of John. We are the descendants of Thomas Totteridge, born 1750.