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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Early Titheridge records from Hereford - January 1628

Cathedral in Hereford
Cathedral in Hereford

These days more and more genealogy records are appearing on line.  You would expect this would help to sort out some of the missing links in our family history which indeed they do. However in reality the increasing number of records tends to create as many mysteries as they solve.  An example of this is a batch of records that I saw on line for the first time last month.

Titheridge Records from Hereford St Peters

The records are early records from the Parish Church of St Peters in Hereford.

They show the following records

26 January 1628 Thomas Tytheredg marries Elizabeth Davis at Hereford, St Peters

Thomas and Elizabeth then go on to have the following children all baptised in Hereford, St Peters

  • Thomas Tetheridge baptised 16 December 1629
  • William Tetheridge baptised 1635
  • John Tetheridge baptised 1636
  • James Tetheridge baptised 1638
  • William Tetheridge baptised 1640

There are no other records for the family name in Herefordshire - no future births, no marriages, no burials. The only other early records I have in Hereford is in 1798 when a parcel of meadow called “Titheridge Moore” is sold in the parish of Staunton upon Wye, Herefordshire 10 miles from Hereford .

How do the Hereford record relate to the Hampshire Records?

These records from Hereford cover the years 1628 to 1640 and pre-date our main family records of John Titheridge and Ann Quallett who marry in Cheriton in 1664. However they do not predate our earliest records of Richardus Tetridge of Avington / Chilcomb Hampshire who died in 1542.

So the records raise the following questions:

  • What happened to this family after 1640?
  • Are the Hereford family related to our Hampshire Titheridges who lived over 100 miles away?

If you can provide any records to give the answers to the questions raised please get in touch

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