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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Place Names with the family name

My maiden name is Meaker and on a recent visit to Colorado, USA  I made my husband drive a 20 mile detour so I could take a picture of Mount Meeker, the second highest mountain in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  As far as I am aware the Titheridge family do not have any mountains named after them, but I have come across a few places with the family name. 

Staunton upon Wye, Herefordshire, England

In the Hereford Journal on 4th April 1798 there was the following announcement

Herefordshire to be sold by auction.  All the parcel of meadow ground called “Titheridge Moore” situated in the parish of Staunton-upon-Wye aforesaid, containing by estimation 5 acres.  Mr Thomas Smith of Scut Mill will shew the premises: and for further particulars apply to Messrs Downes and Thomas, Attornies in Hereford.

I have no idea why there is an area called Titheridge Moor and no idea who it was named after.

Basingstoke, Hampshire, England

Basingstoke Hampshire has a road called “Titheridge Court” situated off Queens Road. The properties in the road were probably built in the mid-1980s.  I have no idea why it is called this; maybe it is after the builder, maybe someone call Titheridge owned the land or maybe there is a local celebrity named Titheridge. 

Canberra, Australia

Australia has a road called “Titheradge Place” in Chapman, Australian Capital Territory.  I have been told this is named after the Victorian actor George Sutton Titheradge who was famous in both England and Australia for his stage performances.  He was born in Portsmouth in 1848 and spent his latter years in Australia, where he died in 1916.

Coober Pedy, South Australia

In Coober Pedy there is another “Titheradge Place”.  This is named after Frank Titheradge who in 1956 found the world’s most valuable opal.  It is called the Olympic Australis and is one of the largest gem quality opals in the world.  The opal remains uncut and is on display in Melbourne.

Do you know any places with the family name? Please add to the list if you know some more.

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