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about me

I am Ann Titheradge from Sussex, England. 

My interest in family history began when I married and acquired this unusual surname "Titheradge".  People kept commenting "Never heard of that name before", "How do you spell that?", "where does that name come from?" This began my interest in the family names and its variants (Titheridge, Titheradge, Tytheridge, Tidridge, Titherage, Tutheridge etc.). 

My husband, Mike, and I have been researching the family name for 25 years.  We are members of the Sussex Family History Society and Hampshire Family History Society.  We have also registered the name with the Guild of One Named Studies.  

We have traced the name back to the Winchester area of Hampshire, England to around 1660 and most family members are related to one couple, John Titheridge and Ann Quallat who married in Cheriton in 1663. 

At the start of our research we corresponded with family members using good old fashioned letters, finding the details of family members in the telephone directories: Now we think it is time to communicate with the younger generations using Internet, Facebook and social media. 

If you are reading this and have an interest in the name please get in touch.

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