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Monday, 5 December 2016

Eglingham War Memorial

Eglingham in Northumberland is not a place you associate with the surname Titheridge.  It is a small village situated 7 miles north west of Alnwick and 40 miles north of Newcastle.  It is about 350 miles north of Winchester in Hampshire - so why did one of our Titheridge ancestors leave Hampshire in the 1910s and head to Northumberland where neither he nor his wife had any known relatives?

On the Eglingham village war memorial among the list of names is Arthur Titheridge.  Arthur was not a local and his name on the war memorial was a bit of a mystery to the locals.  Arthur was born in West Meon, lived in East Meon Hampshire and was killed in the Battle of the Falklands in 1914 aboard HMS Kent.  He is buried in Port Stanley in the Falklands, commemorated on East Meon War memorial,  and at Canterbury Cathedral as well as being mentioned on the Eglingham memorial.
Local historian and writer Janet Rice has researched the names on the Eglingham War Memorial and has published their stories on the website of the "North East Memorial Project".  Her article on Arthur Titheridge is well written and brilliantly researched.  Follow the links below to read more 

The article has made me ponder on the following questions which I am sure will remain unanswered.

Why did Arthur and Bertha go so far from home?
Where did Arthur’s eldest son Arthur George Roland live after his father died and mother move back south?
What happened to Arthur George Roland Titheridge after 1927? No death or marriage has been found for him in any country.
If you can additional information please get in touch.

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