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Monday, 19 September 2016

"And her mother came too"

Recently while watching TV I saw a reference to the film “Gosford Park”, a film released in 2001 which won awards for best original screenplay and best director.

So what you might ask has Gosford Park got to do with the family surname?

I don’t suppose many people know that this film contains a song written by another of our talented family members.  It is the song “And her mother came too”.  The music is by Ivor Novello but the witty words were written by Dion Titheradge.

Dion Titheradge was born in Australia in 1889 but later moved to London where he died aged 45 in 1934.  He was the son of George Sutton Titheradge famous Victorian Actor, brother of Madge Titheradge the famous actress and father of Peter Titheradge.  Dion was a well known writer and actor in the early twentieth Century.

The song "And her mother came too", was written for the revue “ A to Z” and was originally performed by Jack Buchanan at The Prince of Wales Theatre London in October 1921.  The revue ran for 428 performances and starred Jack Buchanan, George Hestor and Gertrude Lawrence with the Music by Ivor Novello and Helen Tri.x

If you want a listen to it being performed in the film Gosford Park click the link below.

The Lyrics of "And her Mother came too"  by Dion Titheradge
Music by Ivor Novello

I seem to be the victim of a cruel jest,
It dogs my footsteps with the girl I love the best.
She's just the sweetest thing that I have ever known,
But still we never get the chance to be alone.

My car will meet her--And her mother comes too!
It's a two-seater--Still her mother comes too!
At Ciro's when I am free, at dinner, supper or tea,
She loves to shimmy with me--And her mother does too!

We buy her trousseau - And her mother comes too!
Asked not to do so - Still her mother comes too!
She simply can't take a snub, I go and sulk at the club,
Then have a bath and a rub - And her brother comes too!

There may be times when couples need a chaperone,
But mothers ought to learn to leave a chap alone.
I wish they'd have a heart and use their common sense
For three's a crowd, and more, it's treble the expense.

We lunch at Maxim's - And her mother comes too!
How large a snack seems - When her mother comes too!
And when they're visiting me, We finish afternoon tea,
She loves to sit on my knee - And her mother does too!

To golf we started - And her mother came too!
Three bags I carted - When her mother came too!
She fainted just off the tee, My darling whispered to me –
"Jack, dear, at last we are free!" But her mother came to! 

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