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Saturday, 11 June 2016

A. Titheridge Artist

Watercolour by A Titheridge
What do you know about, A. Titheridge, the artist? That was the question that I was asked about 4 years ago  - and the answer was nothing at all. 

I was contacted by the owner of three pictures all signed A TITHERIDGE (printed in capitals), with two dated 1934.  The owner had inherited these three pictures from a relative who lived in London Colney a village on the outskirts of St Albans Hertfordshire.  At the time all I could tell the owner was that there were more than 20 people called "A Titheridge" alive in 1934.

With further research I am now confidently able to narrow down the artist to one of two individuals who are a father and son and both called Arthur Titheridge. So the artist is either
Arthur Earnest Titheridge (born 1869 died 1937)

Arthur Ernest Titheridge (born 1900 died 1943)

Arthur Titheridge senior was born in the Stoke Newington area of London in 1869 and was christened Arthur Earnest Titheridge. He was the son of John Titheridge and Sophia Kent .  John had originated from Droxford, Hampshire but by 1867 had moved to London.  By the 1871 census the family had settled in London and were living in various addresses in Tottenham, Walthamstow and Edmonton.  Between 1861 and 1881 John and Sophia had 9 children and Arthur was the fourth child.
Arthur Titheridge senior was married to Sarah Maidment in December 1886 and seven children were born in the London area between 1887 and 1906.  The children were:

Edith Sarah born 1887 in Edmonton (married George Cobham 1912)
Grace born 1889 in Stoke Newington (thought to have died prior to 1911)
Arthur James born 1890 in Walthamstow (thought to have died prior to 1911)
James Herbert born 1892 in Walthamstow  (married Minnie Millest 1914)
Arthur Ernest born 1900 in Edmonton (batchelor )
Elsie May born 1903 in Edmonton (married Frederick Stocker 1927)
Claude Stanley born 1906 in Edmonton (married twice Ivy Aitkin 1933 and  Iris Blow 1953)
When Grace was born Arthur’s occupation was a painter and grainer and on the baptism of both James and Arthur his occupation is decorator but on the 1911 census the occupation changed to painter “artist”.

In July 1892 Arthur and Sarah set sail from Southampton for Durban, South Africa sailing on the Spartan.  Sailing with them was Edith aged 5, Grace aged 4, Arthur aged 3 and James aged 1. It is thought that Arthur went out to South Africa to join his elder brother James. In 1897 A Titheridge was living in Prince Alfred Street, Durban, South Africa, with J Titheridge also living in Durban.
Arthur and Sarah returned to London before 1900, probably because of the Boer War which started in South Africa in 1899. From the evidence of the 1901 and 1911 census we believe Arthur and Sarah had 9 children in total,  4 of which died.  We therefore believe 2 children were born in South Africa.   We also have information that suggests two girls were buried in South Africa, Grace who travelled with them and Daisy who must have been born there. We also think that Arthur who travelled with them age 3 must have died either on the boat over to South Africa or during their time there because on their return to England they named their next born Arthur Ernest Titheridge. It is this individual who was born in 1900 who is the other possible artist.

The 1911 Census shows the family living at 36 Bury Street, Edmonton, Middlesex.  Arthur senior lived until 1937 and died in the Edmonton district of London and his wife, Sarah, died in 1952 in Edmonton.
Arthur Ernest Junior was in the Army in World War 1, we believe he was in the Middlesex Regiment.  After the war he could not settle to civilian life. Arthur Ernest Titheridge junior died in St Albans district in 1943.  At the time he was patient of Napsbury Hospital which is situated in London Colney – a suburb of Saint Albans.  This link with London Colney provides the evidence to be sure it was either this father or son who painted the pictures.

I therefore think there are two possible explanations of who painted the pictures and how they got to London Colney. 
1. That Arthur senior painted the pictures and gave them to his son

2. That Arthur Junior, having inherited his father’s artistic talent, painted the pictures and gave to someone or sold them to a third party in the London Colney area
The paintings which are beautifully painted watercolours are reproduce here with kind permission of the owner. 

Watercolour by A Titheridge 1934

Watercolour by A Titheridge 1934
Are you related to the Arthur Titheridges? and if so can you throw any light on who the artist was?
Do you own any similar works of art by A Titheridge?
Do you have any idea where the pictures were painted? Does the scene look familiar, could they be scenes around St Albans?
So in 4 years we have come a long way towards identifying our talented artist and hope someone can tell us more.  If you can help please add a comment or email us.
Copyright © 2016 Ann and Mike Titheradge All rights reserved

1 comment:

Martin Cobham said...

This is fascinating. My paternal grandmother was Edith Sarah Titheridge and her father was Arthur Titheridge b1869 who is listed in the census as an artist. So, he was my great grandfather. Martin Cobham