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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Our Talented Family Members

This week’s blog is celebrating family members with a talent for writing.  While searching the Internet recently I  came across a book written by a family member.  This stimulated me to look through Amazon to see how many authors I could find among the Titheridges, Titheradges, Tytheridges, Tidridges etc.

Below are a list of the books I found.  If you can add some more please do.  I am sure there are some books I've missed, perhaps there are some people writing under their married name or perhaps under a pen name or perhaps there are books that are just not publicised on the Internet.

As well as these current authors historically the family member who most famous for his creative talent was Dion Titheradge (1889 - 1934) brother of the famous actress Madge Titheradge.  Dion was a famous writer who wrote for the stage, especially plays, revues, sketches, film scenarios and songs. As previously mentioned in an earlier post Dion's son Peter Titheradge was also a talented writer for stage and radio.

Books found on Amazon are:

Cheating the Reaper by Tricia Titheridge
A biography publish October 2013
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Sit on it / The Christmas Monologues by Georgina Titheridge
published November 2010
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Hythe Pier and Ferry – A History by Alan Titheridge
published 1981
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The London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees - The First One Hundred Years by Tim Titheridge
Published 1994
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The Charles Darwin Memorial at Down House, Downe, Kent by Philip Titheradge
Paperback published in 1981
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Canada'S Constitutional Monarchy: An Introduction To Our Form Of Government By Nathan Tidridge
Published November 2011
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Prince Edward, Duke of Kent: Father of the Canadian Crown Author: by  Nathan Tidridge published 28 May 2013
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The Queen at the Council Fire: The Treaty of Niagara, Reconciliation, and the Dignified Crown in Canada (Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada) by Nathan Tidridge
published July 2015
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Please comment to add more names and titles if you know of other books. 


Anonymous said...

The Victorian Clergyman Abroad, by Penny Harrison (daughter of Philip Titheradge)
The identity of the Clergyman whose diary this is unknown. He clearly travelled extensively in Europe in the 1870s, using Thomas Cook Vouchers to do so.
His opinions are fascinating and offer an insight into the moral thinking of the time which is often (unintentionally) very humorous.
My mother saved his manuscript from pulping during a “paper drive” in the Second World War when she was teaching in Eastbourne.
How it came to be there will never be known. His manuscript has been a source of enormous pleasure to our family.

Penny has also published (through Feedaread) a Cookbook (SMHA Cookbook) to raise money for her former school, St Mary’s Hall, Brighton.

Ann Titheradge said...

John Tidridge from Canada tells me he has also had a book published in 2012 called "Landmarks in Time". He has also had several short stories and poems published in other books. John is also a community blogger for Alberta Senior and has written blogs on wide variety of topics. These can be found at

Ann Titheradge said...

Another author with family connections is Ivy Valdes. Ivy was the grand daughter of Eliza Jane Titheridge and great grand daughter of Lewish George Titheridge. She lived in Brighton and between 1965 and 1980 published about 9 books.