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Friday, 8 January 2016

400 years of Titheridges

Old Winchester, 15th century Priory Gate
 leading to Winchester Cathedral
I thought I would start the New Year by looking back into our Family History and reviewing what was happening to the family 100, 200, 300 and 400 years ago.

In 1616 all the records so far found suggest the family is concentrated in the Winchester area of Hampshire, England.  Early records from 1542 place the family in Chilcomb, Avington and Winchester.  In 1616 there are several family units in the small village of Avington. 

In 1716 records show that there were some family groups in Basingstoke and Kingsclere to the north east of Hampshire but the majority of the Titheridges were in Cheriton, Hampshire with one family group having moved from Cheriton to Kilmeston.   As yet in 1716 there are no variations of surnames spelt Titheradge or Tidridge, the surname is spelt either Tytheridge or Titheridge.
By 1816 the Titheridge families had started to spread out, but mainly in Hampshire.  While Winchester, Kilmeston and Cheriton remained family strongholds other family groups had moved to New Alresford, Alverstoke, Portsmouth, Droxford area and West Tisted.  By 1816 the Titheradge surname had been established in the Portsmouth area.  There were still no Tidridges, there were virtually no family members in London and as yet no known family group had emigrated from England to the rest of the world.

By 1916 all variations of the surname were in evidence.  The majority of Titheridges, Titheradges and Tidridges had remained in Hampshire and most notably in the Droxford area, Portsmouth,  Alverstoke, Southampton and Petersfield area.  Numerous family groups had now appeared in London and the counties of Essex, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent as couples moved with their families.  Work for agricultural labourers had decreased and they move to find work in response to the industrial revolution, the introduction of the railways making movement easier.  Emigration had taken place from England to the rest of the world.  In Australia there were family groups of Titheridges and Titheradges.  In New Zealand there were Titheridges and Tytheridges.  In the USA there were groups of Titheridges, Titheradges and Tytheridges, Tidridges, although today the surname is uncommon in the USA.  Titheridges had moved to Canada, Tytheridges had move to South Africa and Tidridges to Eire.
One hundred year ago in 1916, around 60 of our men were fighting in the army and navy in World War 1 and already 4 men had been killed in action.

Today in 2016 our family is spread across the world.  If you are a family member or related to the family name please post a comment below to say where you are living.


Rachel Titheradge said...

Brighton, UK

John Tidridge said...

Hello Ann, A good started... there are a goodly number of Tidridges in Canada and the States...

Bruce Graeme Titheridge said...

Bruce Titheridge (originally from NZ) with 2 children born & living in Australia (Liam Stanley Titheridge b. 9/3/89 and Alana Rose Titheridge b. 26/3/91). My brother Roy Gavin Titheridge (b. 2/2/55) still lives in NZ as does my sister Sandra Gail Dunn (nee Titheridge) b. 10/4/53

Roy Titheridge said...

As far as I know, I'm the only Roy Titheridge in the World, the universe even !! NO others on Facebook. So if anyone out there has my name or knows of someone with the name ROY and Titheridge, please get i touch.

Roy 02/02/1955.

YEP, Today is my birthday !!! :)

Ann Titheradge said...

As far as I am aware you are probably right in that you are the only living Roy Titheridge. There was a Roy George Titheridge born in 1958 who died in 2004 and lived in the Southampton area of England.
Changing the surname slightly: I believe there is a Roy Titheradge living somewhere in England and another Roy Titheradge born in 1921 in England who I believe emigrated to New Zealand.