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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Wordless Wednesday 11 - Alverstoke home of many Titheridge families

Alverstoke ,Hampshire
23 December 2015

Alverstoke village Church. 
The site of many Titheridge
baptisms marriages and burials
from 1809

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Family Bibles

Family Register taken from
the Meaker Family Bible
In the Victorian era it was common for families to own a family bible.  Most of these bibles were large, decorative bibles with graphic illustration and of considerable expense to purchase.  The family bible was handed down through the family and within its pages was a family register to record births, marriages, deaths, and baptisms through the generations.  Other items such as letters newspaper cuttings and photograph were often stored inside. 

Few families own a family Bible these days but if they are in existence they a fantastic source for genealogy research, most being over 100 years old and a piece of family heritage.  My paternal grandparents, born in the 1890s, owned one such bible.   Although they were very religious, my grandfather being a Methodist lay preacher, the bible was destroyed in one of their many moves.  My grandmother did however tear out the family register and I am the proud owner of theses scraps of scribbled paper containing names and dates of important family events.

I wonder how many Bibles or Family Registers remain for the Titheridges, Titheradges, Tidridges, Tytheridges etc.  In my communication with various family members over the years I have been made aware of three such bibles or family registers still in existence.

Twenty years ago there was is existence a family Bible belonging to Albert Edward Titheridge of Gosport (1881-1971) and Edith Margaret Ayling (1877-1963).  I was told about it in correspondence with relatives, but I have never seen a copy of it .

There was also a bible belonging to William Titheridge born in West Tisted and died in Guildford (1842-1927) and Amelia Pointer (1849 – 1922).  A relative kindly sent me a copy of the family register but somewhere in my filing I have misplaced this copy (if you were the person who sent it to me I’d be very grateful for another copy).

The third family bible belonged to the family of James Fabian Titheradge from Portsea (1816 – 1877) and Dianah Frances Jamison (1819-1884).  I have a copy of the family register for this one and it is transcribed below.  It lists the children of James Walter Titheradge.  The writing is faded and an image as shown.  Judging by the change of ink in the original it was probably written about 1859.

James Fabian Titheradge
Born October 18 1816

Dianah Frances Titheradge
Born October 10 1819

James Walter Titheradge
Born March 14 1843

Matilda Dianah Titheradge
Born March 71854

Edwin Joseph Titheradge
Born February 13 1856
Died February 29 1856

Henrietta Ann Titheradge
Born April 2 1857

Victoria Julia Titheradge
Born November 12 1859

Frederick George Titheradge
Born November 10 1861

 Does anyone have a Family Bible they can tell us about? or the Family Register from one that they could share an image of?

The family bible is usually with older relatives often forgotten in the attic, or just forgotten in some unused cupboard.  They were a commonplace during the Victorian era, and they can’t have all vanished and I don’t think most people would have thrown them out!  Can you discover if your family has a family Bible? Start by asking your parents to see if they remember anything, then all your older relatives.   If you find a Bible related to Titheridge, Titheradge, Tidridge or Tytheridge family name please share your find.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wordless Wednesday 10 - James Walter Titheradge from Portsmouth

James Walter Titheradge and Family
2 December 2015

Titheradge family from Portsmouth Hampshire
From left to right
Ellen Shaxon Titheradge (nee Stanbury) (1902-1969),
Walter James Titheradge (1927-1995),
Gertrude Marie Christina Titheradge (1925-2010),
Grace Shaxon Titheradge (1922-2002)
James Walter Titheradge (1903- 1959)

Every Wednesday just a picture connected to the family names - a person, a place or an object.
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