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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Motoring Offence – Edwardian Style

A view of Bishops Waltham
(A village 2 miles from Waltham Chase)
I loved this short article from the Portsmouth Evening News, illustrating life in bygone age.  It was published on 16 November 1903

Fareham Police:  A Satisfactory Explanation
Noah Titheridge of Waltham Chase was summoned for driving a cart to which no lighted lamp was attached on the 7th inst.  He explained that his candle had burned out and he was waiting for the lamp to cool before inserting another.  The explanation was accepted and the summons dismissed.

I cannot say with certainty who Noah was, as in 1903 there were two Noah Titheridges in the Bishops Waltham / Swanmore area, a father and son aged 45 and 17 at the time of the offence.  They were descendants of the Titheridges from Cheriton and part of the large family of Titheridges who lived in the Droxford area.  Noah John senior was born in 1858 one of 12 children born to William Titheridge and Eliza Merrit.  He married Amelia Gardener and they had 14 children between 1884 and 1902, one of the sons also being Noah John born in 1886.  The families lived in the areas of Hampshire around Swanmore, Shedfield and Bishops Waltham.
Local newspapers show that Noah senior had a few minor brushes with the law.  On 20 August 1892 it was reported that a case of assault had been brought by Thomas Knight of Waltham Chase against Noah Titheridge, landlord of The Black Dog at Shedfield.  The case was dismissed with each party having to pay  their own costs.  On two other occasions, June 1897 and November 1899, Noah was fined 5s for failing to send his children to school.


Dave Oakley said...

Noah John Senior died on 25 Jun 1929 at Waltham Chase with a broken neck. He died when the horses of hay cart he was loading bolted after a clap of thunder.

Ann Titheradge said...

Thank you Dave for this information. I have heard about this before but had forgotten about it, the story was told to us by Noah's grandson, Val Grevitt.