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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Titheridge Titheradge etc. and the Internet

Have you ever looked to see how common your surname is on the Internet?

When we first got the internet in 1999 a search  for the name "Titheridge" produced  123 web pages and a search for the name "Titheradge" produced 101 web pages.  We were able to go to each website and find out in what context the surname was mentioned.  Today the same searches produce an overwhelming number of “hits” so that there is no way you can investigate even a partial number of sites where the name is found

Google search, for an exact match, produced the following number of hits for each of these surnames.

Titheradge 125,000
Titheridge 76,600
Tidridge 23,500
Tytheridge 11,200
Tutheridge 2,830
Teatheredge 2,240
Titherage 1,910
Tedridge 1,310

Facebook produced the following number of individuals with the family surnames

Titheridge 283
Titheradge 202
Tidridge 55
Tytheridge 24
Tutheridge 10
Teatheredge 10
Titherage 6
Tedridge 11
Tithaeridge 5

Linkedin produced the following number of individuals with the family surnames

Titheridge 133 profiles
Titheradge 43 profiles
Tidridge 17 profiles
Tytheridge 11 profiles
Tedridge 5 profiles
Teatheredge 5 profiles
Titherage 4 profiles
Tutheridge 3 profiles

Genealogy websites produce so many instances of the surname that it is now almost impossible to work your way through all of them.
On  an exact search for Titheridge world wide  produces 27,463 results and the same search for Titheradge produces 5,297.

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