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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How many individuals with the family surname are there?

Recently I have been searching the UK census data bases trying to find individuals who I had missed on my initial searches.  The omissions are mainly due to the very varied transcription of the family name from the census to the indexes, in fact it is hard to believe all the different ways the surname has been transcribe!
The number of individuals found in England and Wales in each census are shown in the table below, these figures include all known variants of the name which were used in the UK between 1841 and 1911 (e.g. Titheridge, Titheradge, Tytheridge, Tidridge, Titteridge, Tedridge, Teatheredge and Tutheridge).

Year of the Census

Number of family members found in each census

















 Can any fellow researcher provide similar data for Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand censuses?
This makes me wonder how many people there are with the family name now?  My estimate is that there are somewhere between 550 and  600 in the UK.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who can give a better guess or anyone who can give a guestimate of how many there are in any overseas country.
There is a website that ranks surnames in the UK by popularity.  It can be found at
This website shows the commonest surnames in England and Wales are Smith ranked 1, Jones ranked 2 and Williams ranked 3.  One certainly wouldn’t be able to do a one name study on those surnames! There are about 270,000 different surnames in the database.

Our family names came out with the following ranking in terms of popularity,

           Rank of  15,152   Titheridge

           Rank of  30,347   Titheradge

           Rank of  63,515   Tytheridge

           Rank of  64,689   Tidridge

           Rank of 120,601 Tedridge

           Rank of 127,230   Teatheredge

           Rank of 143,714   Tutheridge

Can anyone provide any other interesting statistics on our surnames?

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