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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Weddings

Kilmeston Parish Church
My maternal Grandparents, Kate France and William Westcott, were married 96 years ago on Boxing Day at Walton Breck Liverpool.  I always found it strange that they were married on Boxing Day.  When I discovered that Mike’s grandparents, Edward Hetrell Titheradge and Rose Warding Moss, were married on Christmas Day in 1896 I began to wonder why marriages took place on such special days.

Research shows that it was quite common to be married on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day in the 1800s because these were the days when traditionally the working classes had days off work.  During this period people would work 6 days a week and would not get paid for holidays and thus these days proved popular for marriage for economic reasons.  In London, in particular, churches offered free marriages and baptisms on Christmas Day and Easter Day, an added incentive for choosing this day.

Amongst our records we have found the following 17 family marriages that took place on 25th or 26th December , perhaps you can add some more or if they are your relatives tell us something about the individuals.

26th December 1783 at Kilmeston, Hampshire
Hannah Titheridge and Thomas Sutton
Hannah was born in 1763 in Kilmeston and was the daughter of Daniel Titheridge and Sarah Parson

25th December 1829 at Corhampton, Hampshire
Sarah Titheridge and Henry Luke Dillon.
Sarah was born in 1812 in Swanmore and was the daughter of William Titheridge and Hannah Prior

25th December 1859 at Alverstoke, Hampshire
Lucy Burgess and Henry Titheridge
Henry was born in 1834 in Alverstoke and was the son of Henry Titheridge and Agnes Taylor

25th December 1860 at Shedfield, Hampshire
Maria Titheridge and Peter Emery
Maria was born in 1842 in Droxford and was the daughter of John Titheridge and Sarah Withers

25th December 1862 at Portsea St Thomas, Hampshire
Elizabeth Bulgar and Williams Titheridge
William was born about 1832 and was the son of William Titheridge

25th December 1862 at St James Westminster, London
Sarah Ann Loop and Lewish George Titheradge
Lewish was born in1842 in Kensington, London the son of Henry Titheradge and Eliza Jenkins

25th December 1868 at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Eliza Titheridge and Charles Boulton
Eliza was born in 1850 in Swanmore and was the daughter of Richard Titheridge and Mary Ann Lasham

25th December 1871 at Portsmouth St Thomas, Hampshire
Mary Ann Phillips and Edward William Titheridge
Edward was born in 1849 in Gosport and was the son of Henry Titheridge and Agnes Taylor

25th December 1878 at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
Emily Titheridge and Arthur Simpsons
Emily was born in 1853 in Hinton Ampner and was the daughter of Henry Titheridge and Clara Caelin

25th December 1878 at Acton St Mary, London
Louisa Elmer and Henry Alfred Titheridge
Henry was born in Cheriton, Hampshire in 1847 and was the son of Henry and Ann Titheridge

25th December 1891at Walworth St Peter, London
Harriett Eliza Titheridge and Caleb Stephen Collins
This was Harriett’s second marriage and she was the widow of George Marsh Titheridge

25 December 1898 at St John the Evangelist Kilburn, London
Edward Hetrell Titheradge and Rose Warding Moss aged 20
Edward was born in 1877 in Marylebone and was the son on Henry John Titheradge and Rose Warding Moss

26th December l1898 at Portsea St George, Hampshire
Florence Titheridge aged22 and Allan Angus Raines aged 26
Florence was born in Alverstoke in 1876 and was the daughter of James Titheridge and Eliza Williams

26th December 1902 at Aldershot, Hampshire
Minnie Catherine Titheridge and William Allen
Minnie was born in 1887 in Westbourne, Sussex and was the daughter of Francis and Alice Emma Titheridge

25th December 1904 at Plumstead St John the Baptist, London
Minnie Eliza Dunn and Leonard Tytheridge
Leonard was born in 1881 in Woolwich London and was the son of Daniel and Mary Tytheridge

26th December 1907 at Corhampton, Hampshire
Mary Ann Titheridge and Thomas Rumbold
Mary Ann was born in 1875 in Bishops Waltham and was the daughter of Richard Titheridge and Henrietta Cawte

25th December 1910 at Barnsbury St Andrew, London
Jessie Ada Kill and William Herbert Titheridge
William was born in 1888 in St Giles, London and was the son of Walter Titheridge and Emily Jane Carey

1 comment:

Ann Titheradge said...

Another marriage to add to the list of Christmas Weddings is
William Brownelle Titheridge married Kathleen Constance Packman on Boxing Day in 1936. The marriage was registered in Droxford.