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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas in Waltham Chase with the Titheridges

The Black Dog at Waltham Chase in 2015
A Titheridge Christmas

This post is about the Titheridges of Waltham Chase Hampshire and a description of how Christmas was spent 90 years.  These are some reminiscences from Val Grevitt, son of Hilda Grace Titheridge.  Val was born in 1916 so this account of Christmas is probably about 1927.

“My mother, whose maiden name was Titheridge, was one of 14 children, of whom only one died; Titheridge was a common name in the area. My grandfather Titheridge was a market gardener.  My grandfather had also been the licensee of the Black Dog Inn at Waltham Chase before I was born (probably between 1884 and 1899). Every Christmas the Titheridge clan gathered at this hostelry and much boozing and singing took place, whilst we children stuffed ourselves with fruit and nuts and ginger pop in an unlicensed room made available to us by the publican.”

This family gathering must have been of some size. Val's grandparents were Noah John Titheridge and his wife Amelia Gardener.  They had 14 children 13 of whom reached adulthood and all except one married.  There were 14 grandchildren with the Titheridge surname and 18 grandchildren with other surnames.  What a large family gathering that must have been 27 adults plus children! – No wonder they met at the pub!

Descendants of Noah John Titheridge

Noah John Titheridge (1858 -1929) was born in Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire.  He married Amelia Gardener (1859-1940) in 1878 in Swanmore. Noah and Amelia had the following 14 children all born in Shedfield, There were 9 girls and 5 boys. Only 3 of the boys had children to carry on the family name. These are Noah's family:
  • Alice Jane Titheridge was born in December 1878. She married Charles John Edwards in December1898
  • Edith Florence Titheridge was born in Sep 1880. She married Frank Earwaker in December 1899
  • William Edward Titheridge was born in Mar 1883.  He married Beatrice Elizabeth Daysh in September 1909. They had two boys and a girl
  • Walter Charles Titheridge was born in December 1884.  He married Annie Elizabeth Pymer in December 1906 and then Annie E E Palk in March 1944. There was one son who died as a baby from the first marriage and one son from the second marriage.
  • Noah John Titheridge was born in December 1886.  He married Annie Louise Ferris in December 1913. They had seven boys and a girl
  • Frederick George Titheridge was born in December 1888 he remained a batchelor
  • Mabel Leah Titheridge was born in March 1890. She married Henry Charles Blake in September 1918.
  • Elsie Olive Titheridge was born on 30 Sep 1892. She married William H K Glasspool in June 1913
  • Reginald Hubert Titheridge was born 1894 and died 1894
  • Hilda Grace Titheridge was born on 10 April 1895. She married Albert Grevitt on 28 February 1914 in Shedfield, Hampshire. 
  • Lottie Ivy Titheridge was born on 4 January 1897.  She married Thomas Kynaston in June 1920 in Droxford, Hampshire.
  • Freda Flossie Titheridge was born in Dec 1898 She married George Greenaway in March 1919 in Droxford, Hampshire.
  • Audrey Dora Titheridge was born in Jun 1900. She married George Harry Titheridge in March 1919. They had one son
  • Dorothy Gladys Titheridge was born on 02 February 1902. She married Cecil John Vear in December1921

Last year I visited Shedfield and Waltham Chase.  The Black Dog is still there in Waltham Chase as shown in the photograph above.  One mile away in the Shedfield church yard are the graves of several Titheridges (some of which I found and photographed shown below).

If you are interested in this family you may like to follow this link Waltham Chase website which will take you to the website where the reminiscences of two Titheridges are recorded Noah's daughter, Doris Gladys Vear, (nee Titheridge) and Noah's grandson, Reginald Titheridge son of William and Beatrice. 

St John the Baptist Shedfield - Titheridge Graves
Annie Louise wife of Noah John Titheridge

Noah John Titheridge

William Edward Titheridge

Beatrice Elizabeth Titheridge

Dorothy Gladys Vear (nee Titheridge)


Monday, 5 December 2016

Eglingham War Memorial

Eglingham in Northumberland is not a place you associate with the surname Titheridge.  It is a small village situated 7 miles north west of Alnwick and 40 miles north of Newcastle.  It is about 350 miles north of Winchester in Hampshire - so why did one of our Titheridge ancestors leave Hampshire in the 1910s and head to Northumberland where neither he nor his wife had any known relatives?

On the Eglingham village war memorial among the list of names is Arthur Titheridge.  Arthur was not a local and his name on the war memorial was a bit of a mystery to the locals.  Arthur was born in West Meon, lived in East Meon Hampshire and was killed in the Battle of the Falklands in 1914 aboard HMS Kent.  He is buried in Port Stanley in the Falklands, commemorated on East Meon War memorial,  and at Canterbury Cathedral as well as being mentioned on the Eglingham memorial.
Local historian and writer Janet Rice has researched the names on the Eglingham War Memorial and has published their stories on the website of the "North East Memorial Project".  Her article on Arthur Titheridge is well written and brilliantly researched.  Follow the links below to read more 

The article has made me ponder on the following questions which I am sure will remain unanswered.

Why did Arthur and Bertha go so far from home?
Where did Arthur’s eldest son Arthur George Roland live after his father died and mother move back south?
What happened to Arthur George Roland Titheridge after 1927? No death or marriage has been found for him in any country.
If you can additional information please get in touch.