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Friday, 29 May 2015

Reginald Titheridge aged 99 - was he the oldest family member?

The last blog got me wondering 
“Who was or is the eldest family member?”
Has any family member made it to a century?”

I was only able to check the English death records so there may be other individuals who have reached a greater age than those shown below. (Note ages are as shown in official death records)

If you know someone who can be added to the list below, either someone who is still living or someone who has died, please add a comment

Women who have reached 95 or more

Louisa Titheridge(nee Forder)
born 1852 in West Tisted, Hampshire and died in 1947 in Basingstoke, Hampshire age 95. Wife of John Titheridge and mother of 7 children.

Gertrude Carrie Titheridge
born 1898 in Droxford, Hampshire and died in 1993 in Alton, Hampshire aged 95. Unmarried daughter of Charles Bernard Titheridge and Edith Adela Aldridge.

Ellen Maud Titheradge (nee Clover)
born 1901 and died in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire in 1996 aged 95. Wife of Edward Albert Titheradge and mother of 3 children

Dorothy Florence Titheradge (nee Howarth)
born 1905 and died in Waltham Forest, Essex in 2001 aged 95. Wife of John Alfred (Jack) Titheradge. No children, adopted child died in WW2 aged 5.

Grace Maud Titheridge(nee King)
born 1890 and died 1986 in Shepway, Kent aged 96. Second wife of John Titheridge and mother of one son who was killed in WW2

Annie Elizabeth Titheridge (nee Cook)
born 1900 and died 1997 aged 97 in Brighton, Sussex. Wife of Reginald Herbert Titheridge. No known children.

Gladys Winifred Titheradge (nee Marshall)
Born 1907 and died 2005 aged 97 in Slough, Berkshire.  Wife of Edward Henry Titheradge and mother of three children.

Men who have reached 93 or more

James Titheridge
 born 1853 and died in 1946 in Surrey South West aged 93; unidentified individual.

Francis Titheridge
born 1847 and died in 1941 in Gosport, Hampshire aged 94; unidentified individual

Reginald Herbert Titheridge
born 1900 in Westhampnett, Sussex and died 1994 in Hove, Sussex aged 94; son of George Titheridge and Eliza Mills, husband of Annie Cook. No known children

Walter Thomas Titheridge 
born 1911 in Islington, London and died 2005 in Luton, Bedfordshire aged 94; Son of Walter Edward Titheridge and Miriam Thomas, husband of Joyce Welsted and father of two children

The oldest person found so far is

Reginald George William Titheridge
Born in 1910 in Droxford, Hampshire and died aged 99 in his hundredth year on 17 March 2010 at Shedfield, Hampshire. Son of William Titheridge and Beatrice Daysh, husband of Caroline Paice and father of two children.
Please add a comment if you can fill in any information on any of the above individuals or other family members who have reached a great age.

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